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Updated: Sep 23, 2022 8:06 pm

Among the many different occult types of sims in the Sims 4 are the recent and new addition to the franchise; mermaids. Back in the Sims 2, we only really had vampires, werewolves, and plantsims as the occult options. And even then, players couldn’t create an occult sim in the Create-a-sim feature, whereas since the Sims 3, players can start their new household with an occult sim. Mermaids are a new kind of sim added to the Sims 4 in the 2019 Island Living expansion pack.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to play and make the most your of your mermaid Sims. How to create your own mermaid sim, what their abilities are and any in-game changes to them you should know about.

How to make a mermaid in Sims 4

Sims 4 Mermaid
You can customise your sim’s mermaid form in CAS –  Copyright Maxis/EA, captured by

As with all occult sims, there are multiple ways of creating your own occult sim. Whether it’s in-world interactions, cheats or in Create-a-Sim.

Starting with the in-game method first, if you have a chosen sim you want to organically become a mermaid through the in-game methods. So, how do you become a Mermaid? Mermadic Kelp, a simple in-game food item, is all it takes to turn you into a mermaid. But getting your hands on some is where you’ll need a little help. Whilst the first method is easy, it’s not quite the story-line version of becoming a mermaid:

  • Buy Mermadic Kelp from the rewards store. Using satisfaction points, you can easily buy some mermadic kelp from the rewards store. Mermadic Kelp costs 500 satisfaction points in total.

Whilst the second method in find Mermadic Kelp is by exploring Sulani a bit more. And because Mermadic Kelp isn’t a plant you can just grow or hope will spawn outside, you need to know where to find it. Befriending a dolphin is a reliable way to get hold of the kelp. Dolphins spawn randomly around orange buoys out in the ocean; approach the group, and one will swim over to greet you.

Once you’ve befriended a dolphin it can be asked to do tricks; ask it to ‘Fetch’ and it will bring you back an item from the ocean. There’s a small chance that a piece of mermadic kelp will be the gift your friend retrieves for you – although this method isn’t the most reliable and relies on luck.

The Sims 4 Island Living
You can now befriend dolphins in Island Living – Copyright Maxis/EA

But if you’d prefer to go it alone, there are a few other ways you can find kelp:

  • Exploring the cave near the Admiral’s Wreckage lot in the Mua Pel’am neighborhood
  • Angling from one of the many fishing spots on Sulani’s shoreline
  • Deep sea diving from a red-topped orange buoy.

How to use Mermadic Kelp in The Sims 4

Once you’ve got a hold of it, the item will be found in your Sim’s inventory; simply click on it and select the ‘Eat’ option. After which your Sim will get a new Energised moodlet called ‘Strange Sensations’, with text suggesting that they might like to find themselves a large body of water. Follow that prompt and enter the ocean. Once your Sim is up to their waist in the water, their new mermaid form will be revealed. If you’re not too happy with their looks, you can edit their mermaid appearance using the ‘Change Sim’ option on a mirror or dresser.

Create a Mermaid

How to Become a Mermaid in The Sims 4
You can choose between different tails as a mermaid – Copyright Maxis/EA

You can also create a mermaid in Create-a-sim, where you can choose their general appearance as well as their mermaid form. This is by far the easiest method of creating your mermaid and means you can start the game straight away with one. Through the create a sim you can also change your mermaid’s cosmetics, including the tail design and shape.

Sims 4 Island Living cheats

As with most Sims 4 content, there will also be new cheats added to the game which can turn your sim into a mermaid. But there are also other cheats that are unique to the Island Living Expansion pack.

Sims 4 Mermaid cheats

Cheat Code Result
traits.equip_trait trait_OccultMermaid Change your Sim into a Mermaid/Merman
traits.remove_trait trait_OccultMermaid Change your Mermaid/Merman Sim back into a normal Sim
traits.remove_trait trait_OccultMermaid_TYAE Change your needs from Hydration back to Hygiene when turned back into a normal Sim with the cheat above
traits.equip_trait trait_OccultMermaid_MermaidForm Triggers mermaid tail on land

Conservationist Career Cheats

Cheat Code Result
careers.add_career Conservationist Add the conservationist career
careers.promote Conservationist Level up in the conservationist career
careers.remove_career Conservationist Remove the conservationist career

Get promotions for Part Time Jobs

Cheat Code Result
careers.promote PartTime_Diver Get promoted in the part time Diver career
careers.promote PartTime_Fisherman Get promoted in the part time Fisherman career
careers.promote PartTime_Lifeguard Get promoted in the part time Lifeguard career as an adult
careers.promote Teen_Lifeguard Get promoted in the part time Lifeguard career as a teen

Island Living Trait Cheats

Cheat Code Result
traits.equip_trait trait_BeachBum_LaidBack Laid-Back
Sims who are Laid-Back never become tense.
traits.equip_trait trait_Hidden_IslandAncestor_Elemental Sulani Mana
This Sim is imbued with Sulani’s elemental energy due to their heritage. They can increase the quality of plants as well as summon Volcanic Bombs.
traits.equip_trait trait_NaturalSpeaker Natural Speaker
Sims that are Natural Speakers have been empowered by nature with instinctive charisma. Being friendly is second nature. These Sims find it easy to Enthuse and Spread Awareness of their cause to other Sims and find that their grant applications tend to get accepted.
traits.equip_trait trait_FriendOfTheSea Master of the Sea
A Master of the Sea becomes friends with dolphins and mermaids faster, and can maneuver around the ocean much more easily.

Summon a Shark

Cheat Code Result
sims.add_buff buff_OceanSwimming_ReactionTrigger_SharkSighting Triggers a Shark to swim by your Sim (50% chance)

Clean up Sulani with Cheats

Cheat Code Result
narrative.start_narrative narrative_IslandConservation_Stage_Starting Stage 1 – Make your beach dirty and full of litter.
narrative.start_narrative narrative_IslandConservation_Stage_Intermediate Stage 2 – Cleaner but you can still find fishing nets and trash.
narrative.start_narrative narrative_IslandConservation_Stage_Final Stage 3 – Your beach is clean and you can see turtles, jellyfish and can even encounter an albino dolphin!

Spawn Multiple Dolphins

Cheat Code Result
loot.apply_to_sim loot_Dolphins_Investigate_SpawnDolphin Summon a Dolphin. (your Sim has to be in deep waters for it to work)

Volcano eruption

Cheat Code Result
volcanic_eruption small Small lava bombs fall out of the sky on your lot.
volcanic_eruption large Large lava bombs fall out of the sky on your lot.

Start a Monsoon

Cheat Code Result
weather.start_weather_event weather_Rain_Storm_Warm Change the weather to a Monsoon

Start Sulani Island Events

Cheat Code Result
drama.run_node islandEvents_Large_DramaNode_FishingCompetition Starts the Fishing Competition Event in Ohan’ali Town (search for the fishing nets next to the docks in the water)
drama.run_node islandEvents_Large_DramaNode_IslandCelebration Starts the Island Celebration Event in Ohan’ali Town (next to the bar)
drama.run_node islandEvents_Large_DramaNode_TurtleHatching You’ll have to be on the island in Mua Pel’am next to the shipwreck.
drama.run_node islandEvents_Small_DramaNode_BeachBonfire Starts the Beach Bonfire Event in Ohan’ali Town (at the beach with shallow water)
drama.run_node islandEvents_Small_DramaNode_FamilyFunDay Starts the Family Fun Day Event in Ohan’ali Town (at the beach with shallow water)
drama.run_node islandEvents_Small_DramaNode_FlowersAndMusic Starts the Flower and Music Event in Ohan’ali Town (next to the bar)
drama.run_node islandEvents_Small_DramaNode_TownBBQ Starts the Town BBQ Event in Ohan’ali Town (next to the bar)
drama.run_node islandEvents_Small_DramaNode_TownPotluck Starts the Town BBQ Event in Ohan’ali Town (next to the bar)

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