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Stranger Issues Halloween Costume Concepts 2022: Eleven, Max, Mike

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So far, we’ve had four glorious seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix. Many a Halloween costume has emerged from the pop culture phenomenon, but the looks from season four are—in my humble opinion—the best ones yet. Stranger Things Halloween costumes are bound to be incredibly popular for 2022 (as they have been every year since the show aired), but the ensembles the beloved characters wear in season three have a little something extra: total ’80s flare.

The Stranger Things wardrobe crew truly went wild with the 1980s aesthetic, and I am fully here for it. Forget Eleven’s pink dress and Eggos. It’s time for Eleven in all her ’80s colorful glory. Plus, so many of the characters’ looks are incredibly easy to recreate. (You might even have some of the pieces in your closet already!) From Eleven and Max’s BFF outfits to the sailor vibes of The Scoop Troop—AKA Robin and Steve—there are myriad ways to dress like the Stranger Things characters this Halloween. Check out below for a little ~shopping guide~ on how to get your fave character’s look this year. Just stay clear of the mindflayer.


Get majorly into the ’80s by sporting an Eleven-inspired Halloween look.

Eleven Costume

Party City Store


STYLECASTER | Stranger Things Season 3 Costumes

Billy Hargrove

Look, I’m not saying he’s a good guy, but Billy is hot as f*ck, baby. If you’re looking to woo the love of your life this Halloween, a Billy costume is a good place to start.

Rumors Denim Jacket

Free People

Pacifica Straight Leg Jeans

Free People


Dustin Henderson

Dustin is the hero none of us deserve, and his camp outfit is what dreams are made of.

Camp Know Where Cap


STYLECASTER | Stranger Things Season 3 Costumes

Erica Sinclair

Erica is also the hero we don’t deserve. Just make sure to add a little sass to this costume.

Denim Shortalls


Women's Basic Cotton Crewneck


Mike Wheeler

Oh, Mike. You sweet, protective little angel. Eighth grade me would totally date you.

STYLECASTER | Stranger Things Season 3 Costumes

Cuffed Parker Long Shorts


Robin Buckley & Steve Harrington — the Scoops Troop

Ahoy, mateys. Robin and Steve are the ice cream dream team, so grab your BFF and get scooping.

Women's Casual Long Sleeve Shirts Stripe Tee


Sailor Collar & Tie $28.57

Jim Hopper

Hopper is the ultimate ’80s dad, and I’m obsessed. Plus, his Hawaiian shirt look is super easy to copy.

Flamingo & Tree Print Hawaiian Shirt



STYLECASTER | Stranger Things Season 3 Costumes

Max Mayfield

Is Max a feminist icon yet? Because she should be. You and your BFF should totally go as Max and Eleven this Halloween.

Max Striped Shirt


High Waisted Denim Shorts Rolled Blue Jean Shorts


Joyce Byers

Joyce isn’t a regular mom; she’s a boss-ass mom. If there’s one mom look to recreate this Halloween, it’s Joyce Byers’.

Solid Round Neck Tee


Urban Renewal Remade Acid Wash Flannel Shirt

Urban Outfitters

Will Byers

Honestly, I would die for Will Byers. But, since he’s a fictional character, I guess dressing as him for Halloween will have to do.

Oversized Rugby Polo


STYLECASTER | Stranger Things Season 3 Costumes

Lucas Sinclair

Lucas might be my style icon—and his look is super simple to recreate.

Roofing Cap with Neck Cover


Way High Canvas Short


Nancy Wheeler

God bless America, and God bless Nancy Wheeler. What a queen. Pay homage to her this year by dressing like Nancy for Halloween.

Plus long sleeve midi dress


Jonathan Byers

Jonathan Byers might be the easiest outfit to recreate, TBH.

STYLECASTER | Stranger Things Season 3 Costumes

Converse Chuck Taylor Low Top

Urban Outfitters/Converse

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