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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Make-up and Magnificence Weblog Mascot, Vol. 728

My goodness, first rain of the season! This was the first rain of the season. Earlier than usual, and it wasn’t a lot of rain, but it came down for real there for a while. It started late last night, and of course Rosie was on fired up. She was pacing around the house, checking all of the windows. There was a some wind with it too, so the branches and leaves were swaying.

You know how cats are. All that movement outside gets their spider senses tingling, so she was on full alert!

Back when Tabs was the King of the House, he was the same way. He always got fired up during a rainstorm. In fact, he always demanded that I take him outside when it rained.

It was like a special occasion, but of course, as soon as he actually got out there and got wet, well, diva mode inevitably kicked in.


Rosie handled it in much the same way.

She demanded that Connor and I take her outside only to quite quickly realize — Ew! My paws are wet! This is not good!

She eventually got it over it, though, and started exploring.

One thing both Tabs and Rosie wholeheartedly agree on is this: rain means rainbows, which means that rain isn’t bad. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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