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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Make-up and Magnificence Weblog Mascot, Vol. 739

I’ve only known one person — actually, strike that — one cat who could look debonaire in the middle of a rainstorm.

Yes, it was Tabs.

Trust me, the paparazzi tried to catch him looking unkempt or frazzled every time it rained, but they always failed. Even during a torrential downpour, Tabs was able to serve major lewks.

You’d often find him carefully grooming himself nonchalantly as the rain poured down around him. I don’t think I ever met a cooler customer.


To Rosie, rain is yet another reason to explore the world of science.

We all went outside today, and I tried to get her to loosen up. I even dressed her in this fun waterproof shark sweater hoping it would inspire her to walk the runway a bit, but no. Instead, she kept meowing on and on about citrus flavonoids and barometric pressure…

I think she enjoyed herself, and even though she’d never admit it, she liked being a little stylish today. 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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