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Sundays With Tabs the Cat, Make-up and Magnificence Weblog Mascot, Vol. 746

Girl, what a weekend!

This was Tabs the Cat Industries, LLC’s annual Ski Week Team Building Retreat up in Tahoe, and wow! — I don’t even know where to begin.

Obviously, Tabs was one heck of a CFO. Best Chief Feline Officer in the business, no doubt.

That said, Rosie in no slouch. This year’s retreat was simultaneously fantastic and frightening at the same time!


It started well. Lots of teambuilding exercises like the egg drop, office trivia and a scavenger hunt. Everyone was having a great time.

After we wrapped for the day, some of us decided to hit the slopes.

Rosie, of course, having done her research into the kinesiology of feline skiing, headed directly for the toughest course.

Everyone was having a good old time until a freak snowstorm hit the area, and Rosie got separated from the group.

Search and rescue looked everywhere for her. They had three helicopters going, but as day turned to night, they couldn’t find her.

She spent the whole night alone outside, in the snow, in the mountains!

When we found her the next morning, she was fine. We discovered that she had fallen on a run the day before and injured her paw. She wasn’t able to walk to safety, so she set up camp in the forest, started a fire and cooked a trout that she caught herself from a nearby stream.

Isn’t that so totally Rosie? What an amazing boss! 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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