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The Greatest Vegan Candles: Eco-Pleasant Cruelty-Free Candle Manufacturers

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If you’re extending Veganuary beyond your food cupboards and across other areas of your life, how about going cruelty-free with your home fragrance, too? Lots of people assume that non-beeswax candles are vegan, however many use stearic to harden the wax, which usually comes from animal sources. So if you want to be sure that your scented candles are vegan, you will need to seek out cruelty-free brands. Not sure where to start? I’ve gathered together a few vegan candle brands to give a try this month (and beyond).


Miller Harris

MILLER HARRIS | Tabac Scented Candle

These chic and richly-scented candles are phthalate-free, with no artificial colourants, parabens and formaldehydes. As well as this, they are also vegan, set in natural wax and feature scent combinations like pink pepper and sandalwood.


NEOM | Real Luxury De-Stress Scented Candle

NEOM makes gorgeous scented candles that are cruelty-free, vegan and organic. They also seek to use ethically-sourced ingredients, without ever compromising on luxury.


EYM | Laze – The Mediative One

Completely free from synthetics, you don’t need to worry about harmful chemicals with these luxe home candles made with high quality essential oils.


RITUALS | The Ritual Of Sakura Scented Candle 

Rituals candles are made with a natural sunflower wax base and fragranced with refreshing essential oils. They will instantly give your home a spa feel.

Le Labo

LE LABO | Cedre 11 Classic Candle

Le Labo luxury candles are made from cruelty-free vegan soy wax, with a cotton wick and they are GMO-free. Pick from smoky leather or salty sea breeze scents.

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