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The Crimson Lipstick to Rule Them All!

Chef’s kiss to this perfect red lippie!

I know I’ve been talking about Dior 999 lately, but dang, it really is that good! It’s kiss proof, mask proof, transfer proof… Basically life proof!

I didn’t realize this the last time I mentioned it, but there are a few different versions of this particular color. The one that you want is in the Rouge Dior Forever formula, which is $42. It’s the ultra pigmented matte version which feels light on lips and lasts FOREVER.

dior 999

dior 999

Dior 999 is mostly neutral red with a touch of orange, so it leans of the warm side, but it doesn’t have so much orange that it goes into MAC Lady Danger territory.

It’s classic and timeless, and you could wear it all year ’round. It’s SO GOOD! Seriously, give it a try.

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