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The Stanley Parable Extremely Deluxe New Options

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The Stanley Parable originally came out in 2013 and was a huge success for a game of its caliber. The freedom and fantastic humor captivated the players in many ways. Finally, after a lot of time and fans anticipating the game was released on consoles. So what are the new features of The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe?

The game is a re-release and re-imagining of one of the best indie games of the last decade. Everything from the original game is present in this version of The Stanley Parable. However, there are some new additions for all the players, both returning and just starting their adventures.

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What is New in The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe?

This edition offers new content for everyone. For the purposes of this article and the soul of the game it will be fairly vague. Spoiling any specific content could impact your experience and this game is better if you play it not knowing what to expect.

The Ultra Deluxe edition of The Stanley Parable offers new paths, new choices, new secrets to uncover, new endings and much more. The whole labyrinth is bigger than ever. This game encourages repeated playthroughs. More than that. The game is better and better the more you play it. Firstly, you might want to follow the narrator, but the more you play, the more curious you get. Exploration is the key here and the humor from the narrator combined with the unpredictability of the gameplay make it a very original gaming experience.

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