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These $16 House-Saving Colanders Will Save Your Cupboards From Damage

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If you’re like me and live in a small apartment, you know storage space is super limited. You have to make use of every single centimeter available—using storage underneath your bed and optimizing your closet organization are non-negotiables. One place that always seems to lack space is your kitchen cabinets. The tight spaces seem to fill up with just a few plates and bowls, but there’s a way to expand the area that you probably have yet to think of: opting for collapsible cookware and dishes.

Say hello to your new bestie, Kitchen Maestro’s Collapsible Colander and Strainer Set. You’ve probably already seen collapsible tupperware, but have you heard of collapsible strainers? We bet you haven’t, but that’s okay because now you know and your cabinets will be all the more tidy for it.

“We all need more cabinet space, and the fact that you get two of these and they snap together in storage to take up just an inch or so of space is great!” wrote one reviewer who gave the set a perfect five-star rating.

Personally, the strainers I currently use take up so much space in my oddly shaped cabinets. They sit awkwardly to the side of my stacked-up baking sheets and cutting boards. That’s prime real estate that could instead be used for stowing things like my bread pans or small pots and pans. 

I honestly never knew collapsible strainers existed, but know exactly what I’ll be adding to my Amazon cart ASAP.

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Photo: Kitchen Maestro.

You get two individual strainers in this handy set. One has an 8-inch diameter and the other has a 9.5-inch diameter. Together, they collapse and nest inside of each other into a height of just two inches. That means when they’re both folded up and stacked, they really only occupy a couple of inches in your cabinet or drawer.

Beside their obvious space-saving benefits, the strainers are also easier to clean than lots of their metal and mesh counterparts. The silicone material allows for food to easily glide off. No more scrubbing and picking at hard-to-reach leftovers in a mesh strainer.

“I was tired of having to dig strained items out of my old metal strainer, this one is made to easily clean and the bonus of it being collapsible,” wrote one shopper. 

Bonus: The durable and BPA-free materials are also heat-resistant for temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit, letting you safely immerse the strainer in boiling water. 

“This product is really convenient and works just as well as traditional metal or hard plastic strainers,” wrote another shopper. “I used to just leave my strainer out on a pot on my stove, since I have very little cabinet space, but I can finally store this strainer since it collapses. This is a particularly great item for apartment living or anyone with limited kitchen storage!”

With these collapsible strainers, you can finally clear up space in your kitchen cabinets and make room for the gorgeous Le Creuset and Our Place cookware that you’ve been dying to find a home for.

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