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These 3 Zodiac Indicators Will Have The Worst Week: October 17-23, 2022

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The week kicks off with a last-quarter moon in sentimental Cancer, marking a phase of emotional release and transition. Letting go is rarely ever fun, but still necessary nonetheless. And while there are supporting aspects that could help ease some of the friction ahead, these three zodiac signs will have the worst week of October 17 to 23. The sun is also close to concluding its journey through Libra, so let’s push through and make it count!

What chapter are you ready to transition out of? Whether you’re working on improving a romantic partnership or sorting through a professional collaboration that’s no longer working, the next few days will bring focus to what genuinely flows and what does not. After both the sun and Venus in Libra meet with Mars in Gemini on October 17 and 18—energizing your exchanges and refreshing your immediate environment—tensions will begin to rise as the revelatory Lord of the Underworld attempts to poke and probe. By midweek—October 19 and 20—the sun and Venus will come head-to-head with Pluto in a challenging square, which can be equally as transformative as it is uncomfortable.

Hint: Which houses belong to Libra and Capricorn in your birth chart? This is where you’re most likely to experience a battle of wills, but with a twist as shadowy Pluto brings light to what’s been hidden beneath the surface. Also, Venus is symbolic of our values, relationships and sense of security, while the sun represents the ego. So, these two personal planets have no choice but to confront Pluto’s deep, dark secrets.

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If your sun sign and/or rising sign happens to fall under any of the below zodiac signs, here’s why you’re more prone to reconsidering previous decisions this week:

These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst Week

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Are your belief systems inhibiting you from making the most of your day-to-day routine? Some of you could be feeling a strong urge to escape the mundane and explore other horizons, while others of you question your faith entirely. By midweek, the sun and your celestial ruler, Venus, will face off with transformative Pluto, via your expansive ninth house of adventure, faith, worldly pursuits and self-discovery. If you’re already coupled, the overall health of a relationship and/or career venture could be perturbing you, which could lead to you seeing the truth about a situation. Shadowy attributes surrounding your philosophy are being brought to light, but accepting the truth for what it is can set you free.

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You’ve been doing a lot of inner work as of late, but the more you discover about yourself and your surroundings, the more assertive and self-aware you become. And though you’re often celebrated for being deeply empathic and understanding with those around you, nothing lasts forever. That said, you could experience feelings of discomfort on October 19 and 20, as the sun and Venus face off with Pluto in your relationship sector. This could be with a family member or someone you cohabitate with, but you’re being challenged to create balance between the harmony you seek in your sanctuary and/or inner world vs. the revelation you’re having when it comes to a significant partnership.

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There’s a fine line between asserting yourself and dominating the people around you. And while you typically prefer to maintain the balance and harmony in your professional life—same goes for the relationship you share with your superiors—you could be easily triggered this week, perhaps in more ways than you’d like to admit. For instance, amidst the sun and Venus’ journey through diplomatic Libra—your 10th house of authority and reputation in the world—both of these luminaries will face off with transformative Pluto in your sign. Keep in mind, Pluto brings light to the shadowy depths of every situation, so there may be something you’re learning about yourself during this time.

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