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This $6 Air Fryer ‘Cheat Sheet’ Is on Sale For Prime Early Entry

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If you’re an air fryer obsessive who uses the handy appliance on the reg, then you’re in luck. We found the quintessential air fryer hack that anybody with the appliance needs. It’s a “cheat sheet” that has all the information, like cook times and temperatures, that you could ever want. But ahead of Amazon Prime Early Access Sale Day, it’s just $11.29. For today’s sale event on October 12, remember that deals are only available to Prime members. No worries if you don’t have a subscription, you can get a completely free trial and all of the benefits at this page here. It’s that easy! 

The magnetic sheet is pretty simple itself. It’s essentially a list of different meats, veggies, and frozen foods with corresponding cook times and temperatures next to it. But, shoppers say that when you have this hack nearby when you’re in the kitchen, it makes all of the difference and “takes the guesswork” out of cooking.

“I love having this information handy and easy to use,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “The magnetic sheets are strong and stay in place well, even with the fridge door opening and closing a lot. It’s handy having them right in view for quick reference. It helps us to use the air fryer more, as it’s easy to glance over and time things correctly.”

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Courtesy of Lotteli Kitchen.

Air Fryer Magnetic Cheat Sheet Set in White

Each purchase comes with a larger and smaller cheat sheet, one meant to keep on your fridge and the other on your air fryer. They’re each made of water- and oil-proof material
that’ll hold up against any splashes, spills or mishaps that might occur in the kitchen. This way, you won’t have to deal with grimy peeling sheets that are anything but pleasant to look at.

“Although I only recently purchased these, I’ve already found them to be extremely helpful in determining how long and at what temperature to cook items, without having to search for a recipe or make a guess,” wrote one shopper. “Very handy.”

Though the sheets are compact, they hold info for more than 100 different foods, including pork, chicken, beef and veggie favorites. More than 19,000 shoppers have given the sheet a perfect five-star rating thanks to the convenient and effective assistant.

Think about how annoying it is to constantly look at your phone or at the recipe book throughout your meal prep. It’s a messy habit that consumes way too much time. With these sheets, you won’t get your devices or recipes dirty. You’ll be cooking your favorite meal to perfection in seconds.

“I would recommend this to anyone owning an air fryer for the convenience, even if you do not use the air fryer every day,” wrote a happy at-home chef. “These sheets may encourage you to use the air fryer more often, and see how delicious food prepared in it can be.”

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