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This Biotin Infused Shampoo Is Simply $7 Throughout the Amazon Prime Day Sale

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Dealing with hair loss is a frustrating situation all on its own, but when you add in the necessary products needed to tackle the problem, it can also prove to be a pretty pricey one as well. With so many serums, vitamins and treatments available, it can be difficult to figure out where to start you hair journey. Finding products that actually will get you to your desired results is even harder. With that, we introduce you to Mielle Organics Rosemary Mint Strengthening Shampoo
. The best-selling hair care item’s formula packs a punch with its A-list lineup of ingredients, and it has the testimonials to back that up. And if you thought this magic-like shampoo would cost you over $50, you’d be sorely mistaken. Typically, this baby would cost you $15, but thanks to Amazon’s Prime Early Access Sale, you’ll be playing an even lower price of $7. We got your back (and your hair) besties!

So what makes this shampoo
so great? It’s infused with biotin for one, which stimulates keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth. Some people take their intake of biotin in the form of a pill, but isn’t it so much easier to channel hair growth with a good lather, rinse, and repeat cycle? The shampoo also provides intense moisture for all kind of hair types—working especially well for Types 3A to 4C natural hair—with a gentle formula that nourishes, cleanses and helps strengthen weak and brittle hair. Those with damaged hair know that having that extra boost that won’t cause further breakage is key. 

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One shopper shared their experience using the product
, with it providing wicked fast results. “I’ve been using this for about two and a half weeks now & already have new growth,” they wrote. “I am 5 months postpartum & have been shedding for about two months now.”

The reviewer continued, “The smell is very nature like & clean. It tingled my scalp the first few times I used it which I enjoyed. I just noticed recently some new baby hairs coming in on my hairline. I’m honestly shocked how quickly this has worked.”

In addition to Biotin, the Mielle Organics find
also has rosemary and mint essential oils. Both of which are known to increase blood circulation which allows for more oxygen to be carried to your scalp. When a higher amount of oxygen is massaged onto your head, it stimulates your hair follicles, resulting in faster and thicker hair growth.

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