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What’s DDR4 RAM?

One of the biggest advantages of Intel’s new 6th Gen Core Processors (aka Skylake) is the support for DDR4 RAM. DDR4 was first supported with Haswell-E processors and the enthusiast X99 chipset, but Skylake processors have brought DDR4 to the mainstream. But what is DDR4, why is it better, and why should you want it? Read on to find out.

What is DDR4 RAM

DDR4 stands for “double data rate fourth generation.”  It’s the faster successor to the older generations of Dynamic Access RAM known as DDR3 and DDR2 providing higher module density and lower voltage requirements than those earlier versions. Due to these changes, DDR4 modules are not compatible with DDR3 and only available in new PCs. To upgrade an older PC to DDR4, you’ll also need to upgrade the motherboard and CPU.

What are the advantages of DDR4 RAM

Faster Speeds – All standard DDR4 RAM that we offer runs at 2400MHz, with ECC RAM running at 2133MHz, a significant bump from the 1600MHz default speed of DDR3. That additional speed means more bandwidth for quicker boots, smoother operation, and more robust multitasking.

Lower Power Requirements/Less Heat – DDR4 requires just 1.2 volts to operate, around 20% less than the 1.5 volts of DDR3. Conversely, a more efficient sleep mode reduces stand by power consumption by 40-50%. Reduced power consumption translates to better battery life for mobile devices and utility bill savings for desktops and servers. The resulting reduction in heat produced can potentially extend the life of all internal components as well by keeping temperature inside the case to a minimum.

Higher density chips – The smaller dies of DDR4 allow for more memory per stick so whereas 8GB and 16GB DDR3 sticks were rare and expensive, they’re the norm with DDR4. For server configurations, DDR4 can even deliver 64GB per stick.

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