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What remedy does my hair really *want*? – The Small Issues Weblog

Between all the deep conditioners, treatments, bond repair, hydration, protein infusion, etc. it can be hard to know exactly what is best for your hair.

The first thing you need to do is discuss this with your hairstylist. Ask him or her what they think since they likely know your hair and what your styling process looks like. They also can visually assess your hair and get a feel of what it may need by touching it.

If you either don’t have a stylist, or you’re in a pinch and need to figure out how to solve a hair problem on your own, hopefully, this post will give you a bit of direction.

First, look at the front, ends, and top layer of your hair. What does it look like? Are the ends split? do you see white along the tips of the hair? Is it crinkly? Does it look frayed out? Is it smooth with clean ends? Anything you see here can help determine what kind of treatment may best help your hair.

If your ends look like a broom, you’ve likely got a heat and/or dryness issue. Add a hair oil or deeply hydrating serum into your routine right away, and look for treatments and hair masks that add hydration to the hair!

If your ends are split, and you are seeing white around the broken parts, you may need to incorporate a protein or bond-repair treatment into the mix. A hydrating treatment would also help as well, but a bond repair product may help seal that hair back together and prevent it from getting worse.

If your hair looks straight and clean on the ends, but you’re dealing with crinkly or frizzy hair, it may just need a hydrating and smoothing product.

If your hair looks and feels fine, but lacks shine, you can easily add shine back into it either with an at-home treatment or using a spray whenever you style.

If you happen to be looking for a hair tutorial for the waves pictured above, you can find it here!

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