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When Does Mercury Retrograde 2022 Finish? Maintain This Date in Thoughts

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If you’ve been feeling dazed and confused over the past few weeks, it’s no shocker. Given the flurry of astrological activity over the past few weeks, it makes sense, which is why you’re probably wondering when Mercury retrograde ends. Things are about to get so much clearer after Mercury finally stations direct. Yep, you read that right! Mercury’s third retrograde of 2022 is finally coming to an end (and soon), you won’t have to deal with Mercury’s retro antics again until December 9. However, with just a few days left of this retrograde, there’s still so much more to learn, so don’t forget to make the most of what this experience has to teach you!

Mercury will officially change direction at 5:07 a.m. ET on October 2, ending a three-week long retrograde that started on September 9. What’s more, as Mercury was backtracking and scrambling all sorts of signals, Venus in Virgo forced you to nurture your relationships from September 5 to September 29 and we had a dreamy and mystical full moon in Pisces on September 10 that opened us up to a deeper spirituality. In a nutshell, you might be feeling a little raw, excited and stuck all at the same darn time. You’ve been through so much, and with this retrograde *finally* coming to a close, you’re about to get a break from all the intensity.

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When Does Mercury Retrograde End?

Because this sun is in Libra—the cardinal air sign that is also ruled by relationship-oriented Venus—until October 23, you may be feeling a stronger desire to strengthen your friendships and search for a healthy monogamous partnership. This compassionate and harmonious energy is well-received after such a soul-searching retrograde, as Mercury’s backwards tailspin through Libra has forced you to reassess your relationships and rethink the way you treat your one-on-one partnerships. Conflicts and misunderstands prompted you to identify what’s not working, forcing you to find the source of the problem and remedy the issue as you see fit.

Mercury retrograde began on September 9 and will come to an end on October 2.

As Mercury retrograde comes to an end at 24 degrees Virgo, you’re being encouraged to move forward with practical solutions in mind. How can you put in the work to make your relationships flow more smoothly? What measures can be taken to help you avoid butting heads in the future?

Don’t feel guilty for being scatterbrained. Mercury retrograde is supposed to temporarily daze and confuse you, so don’t act like you were gonna be the only one to dodge its bewildering effects. When Mercury goes retrograde, the planet of intelligence wants you to look within and become more mindful of how you process data and how you communicate your findings. Pay attention to what comes up for you during Mercury retrograde, because you probably have unfinished business to deal with. During these seemingly tortuous three weeks, Mercury wants to go back to the beginning and retrace your steps. It wants you to fix the errors that have been holding you back and get a sense of closure from your past. You might despise how this retrograde manifests—often as miscommunications, unfortunate reply alls, bounced emails, missed flights, returning exes and mistakes—but in the end, there’s always a profound lesson hidden in the chaos. 

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What Does Mercury Direct Mean For You?

As this Mercury retrograde comes to a close and the planet of communication begins moving direct, don’t forget examine what occurred during the last three weeks. What did you learn about yourself? What mistakes were most prevalent? Did any communication issues come up? It is through these observations that you can move forward with more confidence and self awareness. Stop seeing Mercury retrograde as a hindrance to your life, and see it as a quarterly pause; as three weeks to slow down and embrace introspection. Then, when Mercury finally goes direct, there’s nothing stopping you from getting out there and making your own magic!

However, let’s not forget Mercury will still be in the post-retrograde shadow until October 16, which means you’ll spend the next few weeks processing what went down. Chances are, you could still experience a few retrograde-related mishaps until then, but the intensity of the confusion will dwindle more and more each day. Take this time to allow everything you’ve learned over the past three weeks settle into your mind and strengthen your next move.

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