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The place to purchase Meta Quest Professional US, UK, and extra

Where to buy Meta Quest Pro for all regions

Updated: Oct 20, 2022 4:48 pm

Since Mark Zuckerberg officially announced the successor to the Meta Quest 2 at Meta Connect 2022, people have been asking where to buy the Meta Quest Pro, as It wasn’t immediately made obvious during the keynote.

So, with the Meta Quest Pro release date arriving very soon, we thought we’d make a quick list of where to buy the Meta Quest Pro.

This list will remain the same whether you choose to pre order the Meta Quest Pro, or buy it after release, so keep it in mind to make your life easier.

We’re going to include as many regions as we can so you can find the best place to buy the Meta Quest Pro, regardless of where you’re buying from.

Annoyingly, you’re somewhat limited in the US when it comes to where to buy the Meta Quest Pro, as Meta seems to be limiting where they send pre order stock.

Across the pond, options for where to buy Meta Quest Pro in the UK are similarly limited.

Meta doesn’t appear to be reciprocating the stereotypical Canadian kindness either, as the Meta Quest Pro remains super tricky to find North of the border.

It would seem that the EU hasn’t been receiving any additional love either, with the Zucc and Bezos skipping hand in hand to deliver the Meta Quest Pro to the doors of Europeans all over, well, Europe.

The one place you can buy the Meta Quest Pro from, regardless of location, is the official Meta Store. Unless you’re in Germany of course, where the Meta Quest Pro won’t be sold, as it doesn’t play ball with their privacy laws.

Well, it depends on where you live and where your priorities are at. We’ve already mentioned that the Meta Quest Pro won’t be available in Germany due to their more stringent piracy policies.

This raises an interesting point as to other countries privacy laws too. Is Germany being too strict? Or maybe other Countries are too relaxed when it comes to their citizens’ privacy?

The Meta Quest Pro can be pre ordered right now for

The Meta Quest Pro can be pre-orderedfor $1500/£1500/€1800. Or your regional equivalent.

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