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Wild One’s Rinseless Shampoo Is a Trouble-Free Method to Bathtime

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I’m sad to admit that I don’t currently own a pet, but if I did, keeping them clean and stink-free amidst the grime of New York City would be a major hassle. Since tracking dirt into my tiny apartment happens frequently on its own already, in my imaginary world where I grace the sidewalks with a goldendoodle in leash, I’d bet I’d likely want to keep products that enable my home to stay a clean sanctuary on hand. 

For many pet owners, one of those products is the Wild One Rinseless Shampoo, a “no-fuss approach to bathtime,” per the brand. All it takes is a few shakes and sprays to deodorize your pets coat, sans a wet bathroom floor. The waterless formula brings a quick refresh any time you please—simply spray in a sweeping motion beginning at the neck and working downwards towards the tail for a quick clean. From there, just let it dry and then gently massage the product into the coat. 

Wild One

While it won’t bring the intense clean of a full-on bath, the product is a great resource for the days you don’t have the time (or energy) to give your furry friend the refresh they need. Just as importantly, it’s perfectly safe for your pet, too, since it’s formulated without artificial colors, fragrances or chemical deodorants. 

Since I can’t speak to its efficacy, I’ve rounded up some of the best reviews from those who have put the shampoo to the test. 

Just take it from one person who wrote “one spray and the pup is smelling like she’s fresh out of the groomers”—it even leaves behind a pleasant scent, too. “My pup loves to roll around—getting all the smells on her hair (picture a 3lb long hair chihuahua rolling on the concretes and astroturfs of NYC, that’s a lot of stinky hair). For a quick freshen up, this rinseless shampoo is so clutch,” they wrote.

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“Living in an apartment, it’s hard to give my large doodle frequent baths. This rinseless shampoo is super convenient, saves me a lot of time and keeps my dog’s fur smelling and looking great between baths,” raved another shopper.

Perhaps one day I’ll be adding the Wild One Rinseless Shampoo into my cart, but until then, you’ll all have to do it for me. Shop the quick and convenient product for just $14. 

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