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Phrases for the Week: Calm and Optimistic

I totally believe that words have power. It might sound cheesy to some, but one thing I find helpful is to choose words or phrases at the start of the week that motivate me in some way.

This week, I have two words: calm and positive.

Calm and positive

What do I do with them? Well, just about anything!

I write them down on a Post-it and look at them whenever I need a break.

I also say them to myself, like a mantra, when I’m in a zone where my mind can wander, like when I’m walking or riding a bike or washing dishes.

Sometimes, I write the words down in a notebook and doodle whatever comes to mind.

In a way, it’s kinda like informal meditation.

Anywho, if you wanna try it (and I highly recommend doing so), feel free to borrow my words for the week.

If calm and positive don’t resonate with you, then let me know… I can help brainstorm some good words. I have a lot of them!

Thank you

Thank you, by the way, for asking about how the interviews went last week.

One of them, the one I am really excited about, seems to be on track to happening. I’m waiting for an official start, so I’ll continue to think calm and positive thoughts (there go my words again) until then.

I’m ready for good news!

If it comes through, then dagnabbit, I’m celebrating!

The in-between place

It’s a weird place to be, though, the “in-between” space. I like to think that I’m holding it together pretty well, but then all the feelings rush out suddenly in the most unexpected ways.

This morning, for example, I did an epic spin class on my stationary bike, and when I finished, I felt really good (ahh, those endorphins), but then I got super emo and cried like a baby.

Part 1 of the epic spin class I did this morning.

And here’s Part 2!

Have you ever bawled after a tough workout? It happens to me sometimes, especially if I’m doing cardio and I’m pushing hard.

Apparently it’s totally normal and happens to a lot of people, and it has to do with the release of endorphins and hormones.

Anywho, that’s what’s been going on here on this side of the keyboard. What’s new with you?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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