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You possibly can nonetheless get Overwatch 2 beta invitations – here is how

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The early mass promotion of the Overwatch 2 beta has been and gone through the Twitch drops. However, you can still get Overwatch 2 beta. The usual sign up for the beta thing works, and there’s still a massive Overwatch 2 beta promotion still to come.

You can still get the Overwatch 2 beta through the OWL

When the Overwatch League kicks off, professional players will be returning to the OWL using the new and updated Overwatch rules. And, to celebrate the return of the OWL, Blizzard is running a new Overwatch 2 PVP beta promotion.

Those who tune into the opening weekend of the OWL, kicking off on May 5, will find there are going to be lots of drops. The OWL plans to drop 1500 Overwatch 2 PvP beta invites every hour of the broadcast. The promotion will last till the end of the show on May 8, with roughly four-hour-long shows a day. There will be around 6000 beta drops a day if you tune into the show for its full allotted time. You will need to link your YouTube account to your account if you want to receive rewards for the show, which you can do so through your YouTube account sharing page.

Also, you can still get Overwatch 2 beta invites through the beta opt-in page on Blizzard’s website. Simply go to the Overwatch website and click the “Opt-In Now” button. It will slide you down the webpage to the correct button. Simply log into your account, and you should be registered to receive an invite. However, you are left to fate. From then on, it’s a matter of checking your client every hour/day to see if you have been invited to the Overwatch 2 beta.

If you’re planning on watching the OWL, you may need to check every other hour on your client. The Twitch drops arrive 40 minutes late to the player’s accounts, thanks to the beta invite lag. To check if you have it, click the Overwatch tab on the client, then select the drop-down menu. You will see the Overwatch 2 Tech Beta on the list if you have it.

There you have it; you can still get the Overwatch 2 beta. Good luck to those still searching.

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