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You Get 60 Seconds for Make-up: What Do You Do?

Mascara, please!

Do you swipe on blush? Brush up your brows? I’m curious to hear what you would do if you were totally pressed for time.

I used to know a girl when I was doing theater who’s “quick and dirty” version of 60-second makeup was black liner on her water lines and loads of mascara. Another friend of mine did a swipe of red lipstick — and that was it! (She looked fantastic in it, by the way.)

For me, it’s my lash curler and mascara, and the mascara has BRING IT. I’m talking length, volume, curl, everything. Gimme all the drama, please.

If there’s any extra time in that minute, then I’ll either 1) run a clear brow gel through my brows, or 2) blend cream blush onto my cheeks.

How about you? If you had only 60 seconds to do your makeup, what would you do?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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