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Zodiac Indicators as Their Social Media Presence & On-line Persona

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Are you obsessed with making your feed look absolutely perfect? Do you take thousands of selfies before finally deciding on the right one? The whole world is watching, so you might as well give them something to talk about! And because every zodiac sign’s social media presence is unique, there’s always more to your digital persona than meets the eye.

Did you know your birth chart can describe your online persona? The astrology of your social media presence not only has to do with your sun sign and your rising sign, but also your midheaven. The sun is symbolic of your physical identity while your rising sign describes the vibe you give off. However, the midheaven—aka the 10th house—determines your public image, your reputation and your level of notoriety in the world. It’s the most visible part of your birth chart, and because we live in the digital age, our social media presence is often the first thing people notice about us. The zodiac sign that rules over your midheaven is always determined by your rising sign, as it’s situated exactly 10 zodiac signs behind it.

For example—let’s talk about the differences between Angelina Jolie’s midheaven and Marilyn Monroe’s midheaven. While Angelina’s midheaven is ruled by passionate and assertive Mars, Marilyn’s midheaven is ruled by romantic and sensual Venus. And while they’re both famous for being sexy, talented actresses, they each represent two very different expressions of female sexuality.

12 Houses Astrology Birth Chart

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Angelina Jolie she has mastered the role of the femme fatale. Ever since she first stepped into the red carpet world, this Hollywood actress has radiated the energy of a warrior queen. Mars is the planet of action, energy, passion and war; her natal Mars is exactly trine Neptune, the planet of dreams, film and glamour. In addition to her action-packed moves on the silver screen, Jolie’s compassion fuels her advocacy and humanitarian efforts.

As for Marilyn Monroe, I can only imagine how fascinating her social media profiles would’ve been! Born with a sensually driven Taurus midheaven—fueled by her Venus in Aries—the film starlet is one of Hollywood’s most enduring sex symbols. And despite whether or not you’re a fan of her fatal charm on the big screen, her iconic scene in The Seven Year Itch with her billowing white dress will never be forgotten (and this scene is Venusian as it gets). Her natal Mars—ruler of her Venus sign—was also in dreamy Pisces, emphasizing her glamorous charisma and haunting beauty. The best part about all of this? You, too, have a unique energetic footprint that you portray to the rest of the world.

Are you ready to see yourself through the prismatic lens of social media? Here’s what your zodiac sign’s online persona is like:

Your Zodiac Sign’s Social Media Presence

STYLECASTER | Aries Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

You’re the definition of a leader and your bold social media presence demands a ton of respect from your followers. As for your social media profile, it’s always a combination of your consciously curated posts that celebrate peak moments in your personal and professional life. Your *very* prestigious Bio probably lists all of the noteworthy brands and handles you represent, which is updated on a regular basis. And because of the powerful image you project, the world is well-aware of your accomplishments, because you’ve already passed the threshold of accountability. If someone dares to questions your authority, they’ll see the receipts before they get the wrath. You play to win! Period.

STYLECASTER | Taurus Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

You can’t help but stand out in the metaverse, Taurus. Your social media presence always projects a #sorrynotsorry lifestyle. Because you’re a futuristic thinker with a socially conscious approach, you pride yourself on being both relevant and informative. Your original content and the curious approach you take to scrolling through your feed is always apparent. Whenever you join the chat, your quirky online persona always takes over. And let’s not forget you can be deliberately controversial in hopes of better understanding your online community. You slide into the DMs, because why not? And though you recognize the value of inclusivity, you can’t help but crave the exclusivity of going Internet viral. Contradicting and offbeat, you very strategically repel the niche.

STYLECASTER | Gemini Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

Tricks are for Geminis but the mere thrill and anonymity of hiding behind the social media veil gives you so much more leverage than you honestly know what to do with. And although you’re far more evolved than the virtual entity you channeled on Twitter less than an hour ago, your wicked subtweets never cease to make the world stop scrolling. Consistency is nearly impossible when you’re the Alice in Wonderland of the internet, but this is where virtual voyeurism meets astral projection. When you’re online, you can be anybody you want. You’re keen on being in two places at once, but if your followers can’t accept you at your Hermes, they are simply not worthy of your Houdini.

STYLECASTER | Cancer Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

Your social media accounts are always candid candylands in the cloud. Every post is blushing with sass and youthful innocence, which is why the world can’t seem to decide whether you’re naughty or nice when scrolling through your social media feed. And although you always make it a point to lead with love, your fiery impulses make you more prone to posting for the sake of virtual vengeance. *Sigh* the urge to be petty is present in every Cancer. Fortunately, while you’re quick to pop off, you tend to move on from the internet argument even quicker. Commenting in ALL CAPS is your love language, as is sharing back-to-back Instagram stories of your favorite posts each day. Your social media is indeed a rollercoaster, but at least it keeps your followers at the edge of their seat.

STYLECASTER | Leo Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

Verify, who? You are the blue checkmark. Although, it’s not like you could ever have enough of those gracious double taps, let alone the loyal followers you’ve wholeheartedly dedicated yourself to nurturing overtime. Lights, camera, selfie angle on point! No one can slay the spotlight better than you, and your colorful content feed—rich, vivid and at times even a bit risqué—continues to titillate the world’s five senses. The best part about being your social media stan? Your followers can always rely on your consistent creativity, allowing them to live vicariously through the lens of your simple yet delicious pleasures. Your #OOTDs are never #TBTs, and you’re widely known for living your very best life.

STYLECASTER | Virgo Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

Not saying you’re all mind games and memes, but you certainly know how to dazzle your peers with your silver tongue (and wordy wisdom). You’re already governed by clever Mercury, but its notorious reputation for being a mischievous trickster is an energy you, too, project onto the world. Depends on your mood, of course, but you’re often known for having more than one identity. And the one you project is likely one of a person who *really* knows what they’re talking about Inquisitive and strategic about the insight you both seek and acquire, the world can’t help but wonder how you’re always ten posts ahead of the Later App, making you a brilliant source of information. As for the DMs, some you consider leaving on “seen,” and some you just consider. You’re allowed to be fickle on the Internet, even if you can’t resist correcting someone’s spelling of they’re* during an online debate.

STYLECASTER | Libra Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

Heavy is the head that wears the flower crown, especially when you’ve digitally managed to create a social media platform that makes your followers feel right at home. You sincerely believe that sharing is caring, which is precisely why you’ve chosen to adorn your carefully curated feed with gentle hits of sentimental memorabilia, and a sneak peek at your personal life. A virtual dose of love and beauty, you’re intuitively and consciously aware of the image you portray, and you go above and beyond making sure you’re being equally as relatable as you are vulnerable. Your Venusian flair makes your most candid pieces of content equivalent to works of art, and your #GetReadyWithMe vlogs never disappoint.

STYLECASTER | Scorpio Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

You take the stage when you’re on social media, but your innate ability to keep your personal life private, makes your content all the more intriguing. You probably have multiple burner accounts that you only allow a select few people to follow. But when you decide to go public, it’s always an impressive feed! Although your fierce determination to succeed is your own worst enemy at times, you’ve sure as heck mastered the art of “faking it ‘til you make it.” Sure, you blatantly flaunt your best photo angles and courageously put yourself out there in ways people wouldn’t expect. But but manage to accomplish this all while playing a game of “truth or dare” with yourself. You may not always follow back, but your platform is a creative outlet for your passions, cryptic captions and epic halloween recaps.

STYLECASTER | Sagittarius Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

Your humility, outgoing personality and eternal case of wanderlust is inspiring and refreshing, making your social media profiles well-known and highly visited. And although you suffer from a chronic case of FOMO, you have somehow managed to portray a DGAF persona to the rest of the world. Humble brags but mostly wholesome, you enjoy documenting the highs and lows that come with your work routine, and daily devotions. You want the world to know that you’re too busy to come to the phone right now… and well, mission accomplished. However, once you put someone on your “close friends” list, that’s when the real you comes out balls blazing. And the real you probably loves raunchy memes and classless internet jokes.

STYLECASTER | Capricorn Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

Your social profiles scream sugar, spice and everything nice… and not that it matters, but no one thinks you’re basic. Eloquent and effortlessly charming, your tactfully curated content is just as cohesive as it is diplomatic, which only makes you all the more digitally dazzling. Both your Bio and insta-feed look the part, and those of you who’ve purposefully name-dropped your @spouse alongside a wedding ring emoji are no exception. And though you’re not one to shy away from the cold hard truth, the last thing you want is for drama and conflict to get in the way of your elegant, and refined reputation. Colleagues and cocktails! Your happy-hour content always hits, and chances are no one has the slightest clue about the meltdown you had at work earlier that day.

STYLECASTER | Aquarius Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

Scandalous but intriguing, your social media persona can be pretty polarizing, but rest assured, that’s never stopped the world from watching. Bring on the fake accounts, and the lurking Larrys! While your unique eccentricities may be triggering to some, you’re well-aware that people’s projections and assumptions have absolutely nothing to do with you. Family, friends, exes and trolls always catch a glimpse at your stories, and the rebel in you can’t help but get a kick out of it in the process. Perhaps it’s because you’re not afraid to put your passions and taboos on display, or the fact that you’re constantly transforming as an individual. Between disturbing your followers with a weird piece of art or making them jelly of your latest music festival expo, your Aquarius online presence is always apparent. Subliminal posting is your favorite pastime (and your psychic radar knows what time it is).

STYLECASTER | Pisces Social Media Midheaven

Design: Kaili Jimei Miller / StyleCaster

Where in the world is Pisces? *Insert airplane emoji here* While it may seem impromptu and nonchalant to the rest of the world, your colorful feed is thoughtfully curated with well-traveled posts, showcasing everything from your spontaneous adventures around the world to your passion for culture, food and music. As for the rest of us boring mortals, we continue to scroll and swoon, wondering how on earth you manage to continue making our social media dreams come true. Your Instagram stories? A mixed bag of song recos, epic concert BTS and sporadic facts of what you know *firsthand* to be true. And because every Pisces has been touched by an angel, you always carry the vibe of someone who’s spiritually enlightened (even if you just spent 3 hours trying to film a transition TikTok because you’re also technologically challenged). It don’t matter, because you’re cool and you know it, Pisces.

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